5 reasons to use content marketing

Are you curious to read the reasons to use content marketing? First of all: Lots of traffic! That’s what you want when you have a website, any website. But traffic only is not a good metric to see how your site performs. Every website has their own One Metric That Matters (OMTM). This is the most important metric for a website. For a blog, this can be the time on the website, for an E-commerce website, the conversion rate is what counts. In this blog post, I give you 5 reasons to use content marketing for your business.

But how do you make sure that people come to your website? And how do you make sure that the right people are coming to your website? This all has to do with the content that your website has and the way you distribute the content.

I have mentioned the word Content a few times already. The content is what makes a site great. With the right content, you can attract a lot of traffic towards your website.

“But why do I need content marketing?”

Underneath you can read all the reasons to use content marketing:


Engagement, this is a word that you see more often. Brands want consumers to associate with them. Clear brand values are a big part why someone feels a connection with a brand. People tend to talk more about brands that they love. This results in free advertising from the consumer.

Having clear brand values is not the only thing. You need to show the world that you have these brand values and why you have them. You spread this word with content. This can be blogs, visuals, videos, photos, infographics, etc.

When consumers feel engaged to a brand, then they are more likely to share the content with their friends. They will only do that if they feel a strong connection with the content.


Social Media is a huge maze where people get lots of impulses and tend to lose their focus. Because of the lots of impulses, it is hard for brands to stay on top of mind with their customers.

The importance of staying on top of mind is the following. A consumer doesn’t have to buy something right away. Just a visual with a funny or a clear message can be enough to be back on top of mind. People will like it if a brand also shares interesting content without a link of Call to Action button. This content is also more likely to be shared with friends, which makes the presence even bigger.


A good business is always on the move, this means there are lots of things that a business can talk about. Consumers or clients that already have a strong connection with a brand, are more likely to be interested in what the brand is doing.

This is another great opportunity to make great content and speak about the brand. What is the brand up to now and what has the future in store for them. This is all information that consumers like to read about.

Informing people could be another way to get presence. Updates are usually best to send via newsletters. Newsletters feel a bit more intimate and people usually take a bit more time for a newsletter instead of a social media post. Though, a short social media post about the new office or a new employee is also good informational content.

Ask feedback

Asking feedback is another great reason to use content marketing. Lots of companies went down because they didn’t offer what the consumers want. Many startups are so successful because they talk a lot with their customers. This makes sure that you always know what their concerns are. You can also like what extra features they would like or which services they would like to use else.

There are different tools to ask feedback from your customers. First of all, there is Google Forms. This gives you the opportunity to set up your own survey to ask feedback from the consumer. Keep in mind that this can take more time for your users. So, make sure that the survey is not too long.

Polls are another great way to ask a question to your customers. Polls are a fun and quick way to check the public opinion of your consumers. People tend to like these polls and they are mostly happy to give their opinion.

Tese polls can be a powerful tool to have clear data about your consumers.

Inbound Marketing – SEO

This term is quite new in online marketing. Lots of people search for answers online. Inbound Marketing is used to draw people to a website that are looking for answers.  If your business is specialized in a certain topic, then it can be interesting to take a look at inbound marketing.

First, you have to ask yourself the following: What questions could someone have about my business or products? When you have a list of topics or questions, it is time to see how you can answer these questions the easiest. Sometimes, a blog is most common, though an infographic or an informational video can be a great way to inform your customers.

If you continue doing this, your website will be a huge information source for potential new clients. This content doesn’t only attract new traffic, it also shows that you are an expert in that topic. This gives the visitor extra reason to contact you if they are looking to buy a service or product.

Like I mentioned before, you can also do this by asking your customers directly via a poll or a survey. The feedback from your customers shows you what they are really looking for.

These are my 5 reasons to use content marketing for your business. If you have any questions or remarks, please leave them in the comments. I will respond a quickly as possible.

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