The Content Sweet spot is the perfect combination between stories a brand wants to share and stories that customers like to hear.

? Customer Personas are the new way to find your customers

Customer Personas are the way to go.

Reaching people is very important for the online presence of brands and companies. Customer Personas can help brands to speak to an actual person in stead of a crowd of people. Though, do you know who you want to reach and what type of content they like best? And what is your tone of voice and what do you talk about? You can only answer these questions when you have a clear vision of your customers: Who are they, What do they like, What are they afraid of and what do they like to talk about?

Traditionally marketers take a look at target audiences. Though, this is not the way anymore. Read why traditional target audiences are not relevant anymore.

Target Audiences are basically nonexistant.

When you’re looking at target audiences you are generally looking at age, location, education and gender. But when you start to think of it, it is very hard to put these people in the same category. This is because people in the same city, with the same age and gender, don’t always like the same things. Sounds reasonable right?

Therefore it is better to look at the personalities of the people you want to reach with your content. Customer Personas are a great way to think about your target audience. It makes you think about what they like to see and what they are reading about.

Customer Persona’s

Let’s say you want to write a blog about tech and gadgets. Then you think you aren’t writing for country people over 50. Though you don’t know what these people are like, older men can be interested in gadgets too of course.

Customer Personas don’t look at age, ‘geo location’ and gender. Here you look at values and lifestyle of people.

Of course, there are many types of customer personas. The most common are the 8 types of Customer Personas from Motivation:

  • Traditional
  • Modern Mainstream
  • New Conservatives
  • Post-Materialist
  • Post-Modern Hedonist
  • Convenience-Oriented
  • Social Climbers
  • Cosmopolitans

Speaking the right language

We said earlier that you would like to write a blog about Tech and Gadgets. Let’s take a look at the different persona’s listed above. Now it is the question what type of people would be interested to read about this?

People in the Traditional and Post-Materialist category aren’t usually the ones that are interested in Tech and Gadgets.

Then is the next question: Do you want to reach the early adopters or the people that pick up the innovations at a later stage. Here is also a big difference to choose from.

The Post-Modern Hedonist is someone that is mostly attracted by the latest innovations. They are also called pioneers of the experience culture, in other words: they are all about the experience and breaking with traditional morals.

Post-Materialists are more affected by technological innovations that are already popular. Social Status is an important part of their lives, this means they won’t be interested in early adopting and be the first one with new products. For them, it becomes important when it is connected to a social status.

As you can see, it is very important to know who you want to reach before you start making your content. Generic target audiences just don’t cut it. Customer Persona’s let you think of actual people. So make sure you make multiple persona’s.

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  1. This is a fascinating article. I have never heard of the ‘Customer Persona’ before. I now very curious as to which one I am 🙂

    I must say if people think people over 50 who live in the country are not interested in technolgoy and gadgets they would be very wrong!
    Also, it’s not just men who are interested either.
    I am an over 50 woman living in the countryside in the west of Ireland and I have several websites which I develop and write all the content for – myself.
    I did a course a few years ago in how to start your own business online.’ All but one of my class mates on the course were female and half were over 45.
    I am a writer and websites are crucial to me. I produce so much writing that it would cost me a fortune to have to pay someone else to do it. So, I do it all myself.
    As a result I am having to learn new stuff all the time.
    What I am always looking for is easy ways to learn new stuff. When I want to do something new on my sites I google and look on Youtube for a decent how to video or post.
    I teach myself from that.
    Your post was a great example of the type of post I like – no frills and the info is easy to understand. Just thing for a busy person.

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