Why Storytelling is so important in Content Marketing

Before Storytelling

The Online Marketing World has changed immensely in the last 10 years. Traditionally, marketing has always been one-way traffic where brands are stumbling over each other to get their message across. Storytelling was not a thing at all in the past. The problem was that brands didn’t think one second whether the audience wanted to hear that message too. This made it harder for brands to get the attention of the audience. The result was that more and more brands were coming with false claims that they couldn’t realize in the real world.

Besides that, consumers have become increasingly more knowledgeable about products because of the rise of the internet. If a brand has a false claim, then people will show the contrary on Social Media. This can be very damaging for brands.

Why Storytelling is so important

Content Creation is not only about the content that you make, it is also about the story that you want to tell your audience. Storytelling is the best way to get in touch with your audience. This, because brands tend to show a more human side when they tell stories about what they do and what their brand values are. Also, people tend to relate more with brands that show a human side and share the same brand values.

Brands that have strong brand values should also show this in their communication, branding and everything they tho. If a brand says it’s ecological en good for the environment, then they can not use any toxic products. If people notice that a brand does this, then they will share it massively online. So don’t only talk about brand values, also act on them!

So what stories can you tell as a brand?

The owner of a brand or company always had a vision when they started the company. Storytelling is about authenticity and being real. So, what’s more authentic than the owner of the company explaining why he started the company? Does he want to make the world a better place? Does he want to help people or did he start a company to preserve nature? These are stories that people genuinely want to read about, especially if they already have a connection with your brand, then they can share the story is they like it.

Let’s compare 2 messages from a hypothetical baker, one from the old perspective and one from the storytelling perspective.

  • Old Marketing:
    Bread is 10% off today, buy it now!
  • Storytelling:
    This bakery started in 1990 with the goal to bake the best bread only made from local ingredients.

These two messages are completely different from each other. Looking at the storytelling message, it shows why they do it, what they do and what their unique selling point is in one sentence. The old message only says: we have bread and it cheaper today.
So, at which bakery would you want to buy your bread?

Relevant Content? Search for that Content Sweet spot!

The Content Sweet spot is the perfect combination between stories a brand wants to share and stories that customers like to hear.

It is important for brands to know what type of content their audience likes the most. But brands still want to bring a message across. The fine line between the two is also known as The Content Sweetspot: These are the topics/stories that brands want to share and consumers would like to hear about. Brands that are constantly hitting the Content Sweet Spot tend to receive way more engagement because of the relevance of the content.

Monitoring the performance of the content is becoming increasingly important to stay within that Content Sweet Spot. A good understanding of the performance makes for more relevant content in the future.

Back to you!

I hope you have gained some new insights after reading this blog post about Storytelling. Remember that Storytelling is always applicable and that it doesn’t have to be about your product or service. Showing your brand values and WHY you started a company, is content that your audience genuinely would like to see.

Do you know brands that have cool content where they use Storytelling to spread their message across? Share it in the comments!

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