Why Storytelling is so important in Content Marketing

Storytelling in Content Creation

Before Storytelling

The Online Marketing World has changed immensely in the last 10 years. Traditionally, marketing has always been one-way traffic where brands are stumbling over each other to get their message across. Storytelling was not a thing at all in the past. The problem was that brands didn’t think one second whether the audience wanted to hear that message too. This made it harder for brands to get the attention of the audience. The result was that more and more brands were coming with false claims that they couldn’t realize in the real world.

Besides that, consumers have become increasingly more knowledgeable about products because of the rise of the internet. If a brand has a false claim, then people will show the contrary on Social Media. This can be very damaging for brands.

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Creating a good content strategy is important

Content Strategy

How to create a good Content Strategy

Before you want to start with sharing content it is important to have the right content strategy. You have to ask yourself questions like: What goal do I want to reach with my content, who will make use of my content and what is my tone of voice?

Setting up a thorough content strategy answers all these questions. A solid content strategy give you all helps you come up with relevant content that your target audience would love to consume.

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